ATE Rachel Andres


The Canadian Rachel Andres, who has thrown the qualification mark to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, is currently preparing to qualify even further. Top Throwing and ATE supports her in her journey by providing her with the 1kg ATE Discus Indra, Gold and Superb Spin.

When we asked her to describe her experiences wich each of them, she said as follows:

‘All of the discs have an amazingly smooth rotation going through the air that lends greater stability and better flight overall. The ATE Superb Spin I have found to be a very versatile discus for all wind conditions and all training types. Even on days I am doing slow throws to work on form, the Super Spin will still rotate fast and increase distances. The Indra I have found works best for crosswind and headwind and requires a faster spin and whip to take flight. But on my fast spinning days, this discus flies the furthest. The Gold I have found to be best suited for days with little to no wind. All of these discs will be a valuable asset to my competition line up.’


We are confident that with the help of these discs she can definitely gain a place in the Olympic Team of Canada for Tokyo 2020!

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